The Dutch Society of Medical Ultrasound has an outstanding track record when it comes to participating in the Young Investigator Award competition during the EUROSON conference, organized by the European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology.

Please find a list of participants below:

2017 - Ruud van Sloun (1st prize)
EE-TU/e, Eindhoven
Prostate cancer localization with contrast-enhanced ultrasound

2016 - Emiel van Disseldorp (1st prize)
BMT-TU/e, Eindhoven
Mechanical characterization of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms using 4-D ultrasound

2015 - Pieter Kruizinga (2nd prize)
Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Acoustic characterization of the carotid artery

2014 - Maarten Kuenen (1st prize)
EE-TU/e, Eindhoven
Contrast-ultrasound dispersion imaging for prostate cancer localization: comparison between imaging and histopathology

2013 - David Maresca (1st prize)
Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Imaging microvasculature with contrast-enhanced ultraharmonic ultrasound

2012 - Rik Hansen (2nd prize)
RUNMC, Nijmegen
Non-invasive compound elastography of carotid arteries: in patient validation

2011 - Klazina Kooiman (1st prize)
Erasmus MC
Therapeutic bubbles

2009 - Ester Leung (Joint 1st prize)
Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Automated analysis of three-dimensional stress echocardiography

2008 - Richard Lopata (1st prize)
RUNMC, Nijmegen
4D cardiac strain imaging for diagnosis of chronic heart failure

2006 - Martijn Frijlink (1st prize)
Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Harmonic Intravascular Ultrasound

1998 - Chris de Korte (1st prize)
Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Intravacular ultrasound elastography: assessment and imaging of elastic properties of diseased arteries and vulnerable plaques

1990 - P.G.M. de Jong (1st prize)
MUMC, Maastricht
Determination of tissue velocity by correlation interpolation of ultrasonic echo signals